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Fry it: Fur ___ …. Anything

September 27, 2010

Alice&Olivia Faux Fur Vest.

Fall has arrived and so has its various fashion trends. One that has been debated and protested against for many years is back, and in full force I might add. Stores are clearing out their summer prints and filling their floors with rich tones and what seem to be lots and lots of fur, even shoes and bags weren’t left out of this outdated trend.

While I do love me a big “fur” looking vest, this year I’m opting for faux fur, and may I suggest you do the same. Everyone seems to be going green these days and trying to do their part to save the planet but some how it seems protecting innocent animals isn’t on that list, yet.

I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist in any form or fashion but in this case I feel as though I need to do my part and stand up for animal rights.

This realization came to me the other day while I was shopping with my sister at Saks Fifth Avenue in Union Square. I took one look around at all of the amazing designer collections and quickly made a wish list in my head, which consisted of almost everything in the store. As I was drooling over the Theory leather jackets and Elizabeth and James cashmere throws I noticed that almost half the floor was covered in Fur. My initial reaction was, “oh my gosh, I need that brown fur vest!” Until it dawned on me, how much life was lost in the making of that entire section of the store. I decided, that while, me not buying fur may not be starting a social movement, I would do my part and vow to never buy anything with real fur again.

Lets make fur coats and vests a thing of the past, I am confident that I can look just as fabulous this fall in faux fur.


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