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Cade Winery

August 19, 2010

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Cade Winery is one of only two wineries in California to be LEED gold certified. Built from the ground up Cade was green from the start, when it was just an idea Gavin Newsrom and John Conover had back in 2005. The two hiked up the hill, where Cade stands today, opened a bottle of Cabernet and discussed their plans to build a “green” winery.

John Conover remembers “No on had heard of LEED necessarily in the Napa Valley. So we decided to be trend setters, pioneers, assemble a group of great craftsman in a very green, sustainable way.”

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is a green building rating system, it starts out at the base level of “certified” there is then three other higher levels of achievement; silver, gold, and platinum.

Prudence Ferreira explains that, “Each level attests to an organization’s or a building owner and design team’s commitment to sustainability.”

Finding the means to build a sustainable winery was challenging for Newsrom and Conover because back in 2005 there weren’t many people locally that knew how to build in a green way.

John Conover discusses how they went about building Cade, “We went, researched it, and brought back the recipe to him and Herald Smith, our local concrete guy, now know how to develop green concrete. And so everybody can benefit form what we did on the initial development of Cade.”

To learn more about Cade Winery and see the full video on click on the link below.

VIDEO: Forbes Cade Winery

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