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iPad Revives Old Art Form

July 20, 2010

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With the recent launch of Apple’s iPad, two young entrepreneurs, Patrick Buckley and Craig Dalton, have created an innovative product that will help bring back life to an almost extinct book binding business. Their company, DODOcase Inc has designed a customized iPad case that combines modern technology with former traditions.

The DODOcase “helps protect the art form and tradition behind books,” by essentially wrapping the iPad with a leather bound case that resembles a book. Patrick Buckley, the CEO and co-founder of DODOcase Inc, says the best way to truly make the product look like a book is to have it manufactured at a traditional book binding business.
The company has become very successful since its launch in April, selling 2,000 cases in the first day alone. Now, just months after its start, the company is on the verge of $1 million in revenues. DODOcase was also just announced the winner of the Shopify Build-A-Business competition, a $100,000 grand prize, earning the highest revenue total in two consecutive months over the other start-ups in the competition. With the success of DODOcases and the projection of 17 million iPads to be sold in the first year the company has set a goal to reach $300 million in revenues by the end of its first year.

VIDEO: iPad Saves Company From Extinction

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