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Fry it: Fur ___ …. Anything

Alice&Olivia Faux Fur Vest.

Fall has arrived and so has its various fashion trends. One that has been debated and protested against for many years is back, and in full force I might add. Stores are clearing out their summer prints and filling their floors with rich tones and what seem to be lots and lots of fur, even shoes and bags weren’t left out of this outdated trend.

While I do love me a big “fur” looking vest, this year I’m opting for faux fur, and may I suggest you do the same. Everyone seems to be going green these days and trying to do their part to save the planet but some how it seems protecting innocent animals isn’t on that list, yet.

I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist in any form or fashion but in this case I feel as though I need to do my part and stand up for animal rights.

This realization came to me the other day while I was shopping with my sister at Saks Fifth Avenue in Union Square. I took one look around at all of the amazing designer collections and quickly made a wish list in my head, which consisted of almost everything in the store. As I was drooling over the Theory leather jackets and Elizabeth and James cashmere throws I noticed that almost half the floor was covered in Fur. My initial reaction was, “oh my gosh, I need that brown fur vest!” Until it dawned on me, how much life was lost in the making of that entire section of the store. I decided, that while, me not buying fur may not be starting a social movement, I would do my part and vow to never buy anything with real fur again.

Lets make fur coats and vests a thing of the past, I am confident that I can look just as fabulous this fall in faux fur.


Buy It: Re-Writing A Wrong – BlackBerry Torch

While my relationship with the blackberry torch started out rough, turns out I may have jumped the gun. I must admit that my initial reaction was warranted considering my brand new phone didn’t work. Though, after all the hassle, I guess there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Picture taken from AT&T Website.

I exchanged my phone that didn’t work and now, a week later, I am seeing the phone with new eyes. It works perfectly, and I feel like I am running my own business from my phone. I can update my twitter and facebook accounts, while emailing and making phone calls. The Internet is also much faster and easier to use then any other BlackBerry phone I have ever used.

I must say the Torch is the perfect mix between a BlackBerry and an iPhone. I mostly use the touch screen to navigate around but when I need to write a long email or SMS I use the full keyboard, a very convenient feature. There are also very relevant and useful apps in ‘app world,’ that you can download to your phone.

The only complaint I have is, they have yet to come out with a good cover, and when you are as clumsy as I am, a good cover is a necessity.

It’s hard to admit when you are wrong. But in this case I am pleasantly surprised with the results of the Torch. I guess I should have trusted my friend Courtney from the start. It wasn’t easy to admit it, but in this case I had to re-write my wrong.

Fry It- BlackBerry Torch

My good friend Courtney got a BlackBerry Torch a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop raving about how much she loved it and how great the new features were. Being a loyal blackberry customer myself, I was curious as to what all the hype was about.

Picture Taken from

Yesterday, I decided to put my questions to rest and try it for myself. The process of transferring from my BlackBerry Curve to my new Torch wasn’t difficult, but I didn’t have the Torch for more than a minute before my problems began.

Touch screen? I don’t think so. At least not the BlackBerry Torch I’ve been using. I’ve had it for just about 24 hours now and my Torch still isn’t “touch screen.” Earlier today, frustrated with my new phone, I decided to take action and get some questions answered, so I tweeted @blackberryhelp for some advice on how to fix this problem.

They told me to take out my battery and restart my phone. Well a lot of good that did me, I took my battery out and re-started my phone four hours ago and still no improvements.

But I haven’t given up hope yet. After work today I am headed straight to the AT&T store to see if they can offer me some better advice then BlackBerry did. To be honest other then my touch screen not working I am very impressed with the new features the Torch offers. Lets hope they can fix this little problem before I end my 5-year relationship with BlackBerry for an iPhone4.

This Buy it Or Fry it saga is not over yet. More on my issues with the Torch to come tomorrow!

Most Expensive Condo On The West Coast

Penthouse Living Room

Two weeks ago the San Francisco Video Network Team got an exclusive tour of the massive 20,000 square-foot Penthouse on the top floor of the St. Regis Hotel & Residences in San Francisco, California.

Gregg Lynn and Louis Silcox, two of Sotheby’s International Realty associates, gave us a tour and talked to us about the uniqueness of the design.

This magnificent two-storey, six bedroom condo is one of the most beautifully crafted homes in the world. Priced at $49 million the market of buyers for this condo are small. Some of the features of the home are four fireplaces, four terraces, a movie theatre, and six-car parking.

One of the most outstanding parts of the pent house is the master bedroom, which includes a bedroom with a lounge area and terrace, a gym with sauna and steam room, an office, and bathroom with 2 showers and a bath/Jacuzzi with a view.

Master Bedroom

Perhaps the best part of the master bedroom is the walk-in closet. I felt like Carrie in the First Sex And The City Movie when Big surprises her with her dream closet. It looks like a high-end fashion boutique. It has fur storage, changing areas, and a side for both him & her to store clothing and accessories.

Master Bedroom Closet

With 360-degree views of San Francisco and 2,900 square feet of terraces there is no question why this is the most expensive condo on the West Coast and the largest newly constructed luxury condo on the market in the world.

To see the video tour of the penthouse click on the link below.


* Look for me in the beginning of the video. I’m in a black jacket walking in to the elevator.

*All pictures were taken from the Sothebys Homes website.

A Healthy Twist On Happy Hour Cocktails

Want to be able to enjoy your favorite happy hour cocktail with out having to feel guilty? Who wouldn’t?

Picture taken from

Ty Ku is a company that will allow you to do just that. Their Soju is a vodka alternative that has 40% fewer calories then any other leading vodka brand. The company came on to the market hoping to reach out to health conscious consumers by offering this new brand of Soju.

Not only does this product offer fewer calories than almost any other alcohol on the market but it also tastes great too. Since entering the alcoholic beverage sector three years ago Ty Ku has stood out from more than 700 other alcoholic companies that have come out with other liquors.

When their Soju product is mixed with just a dash of lemon the lemon flavor is boldly brought out to make the liqueur taste less harsh and more refreshing. However, do the same with another vodka brand like Grey Goose, the lemon flavor will not be as strong.

This unique trait has set them apart from most other beverage companies and has given them the power to partner with top tier Alcohol Companies. Major alcohol brands like Absolute, Patron, and Bacardi are not seeing them as competitors, they realize by using Ty Ku’s products in their mixed drinks they can add better flavor without the added calories.

Not only does Ty Ku have the power to stand alone as a great brand it also has the ability to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Now available in 50 states there’s no reason you shouldn’t try Ty Ku’s Soju on your next Happy Hour outing. Guilt-free boozing that tastes good, this time its not to good to be true.

Kym McNicholas a reporter at Forbes got a chance to sit down with the founders of Ty Ku to talk about there business. To see the video of the interview and to learn more about the product, click on the link below


Behind The Scene with Dario Franchetti

Last Thursday, Kym McNicholas a reporter at Forbes and I attended an event at Kern’s Fine Jewelry store in Burlingame, California. We went to the event to interview Indy Car driver Dario Franchitti. Franchitti is an incredibly respected racecar driver; he is currently ranked second in the IZOD Indy Car Series.

Franchitti at the event

The event was closed to the public only those on the list could get in. The event was very posh, everyone dressed to impress and wearing their most expensive jewelry pieces. Maggie Warner an agent with The Promotion Factory greeted us, and led us to a private room to set up for the interview.

Dario was very polite when he walked in; he had a very calming presence and was very relaxed during the interview. Kym asked him about racing and other business ventures he was involved with.

Me, shooting

Dario was at the event promoting a new watch he designed for TW Steel. He talked about the design process and how he came up with the style of the watch. While he was excited about promoting his watch, Dario explained his love for racing and how when he is not on the track racing he is thinking about racing. He explained that he didn’t have much time to do other business ventures because he is so focused on racing.

Dario is a great example of an athlete who loves what he does and takes his job seriously, while it happens to come with fame and fortune; it is safe to say that Franchitti is doing it for the love of the sport.

Introducing: “Behind The Scenes”

I am formally introducing “Behind The Scenes” to the Video Network blog.

There will be raw and uncut posts that will give an exclusive look at what I do for my internship. I will be adding videos and photos of interviews, the tapings of “After Hours,” the editing process, meetings, and businesses we visit.

Tonight Kym McNicholas, a reporter at Forbes, and I are interviewing Dario Franchitti. Franchitti is ranked second in the 2010 IndyCar Series only 41 points behind first place driver Will Power.

Behind The Scenes pictures of our interview will be up next week.